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Korean War

The Korean War: 40th Infantry Division - 223rd Regiment, Fox Company

    For public displays and exhibitions, our group represents the Korean War, 40th Infantry Division, just south of the 38th Parallel in summer 1953. Today, the Korean conflict has become recognized as the “Forgotten War,” as there was no victory, and, unlike the Second World War, it is culturally forgotten. It is our duty to research this important segment in history... and to remember it.

Field Manuals:

FM 21-13 The Soldiers Guide

FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle Caliber .30, M1

FM 23-15 Browning Automatic Rifle Caliber .30 M1918A2

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The Sunshine Division in Korea

    During the early hours of June 25, 1950, North Korean troops stormed across the 38th parallel in an overwhelming attack against South Korea. The Korean conflict had begun. The newly established United Nations came to the aid of a weakening South Korea, and on October 19, 1950, the U.S. had conquered the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. In response, the Chinese invaded Korea on the offensive instigating a series of brutal winter battles until July, 1951. Stalemate occurred along the 38th parallel for an additional two years until the cease-fire armistice of July 27, 1953.

    Many servicemen had been called into service from the U.S., including the 40th Infantry Division. The 40th Infantry Division was, and to this day, still is a part of the California National Guard. The division was trained in both California and Japan, later disembarking for Inchon as a replacement for troops along the main line of resistance. While it suffered many casualties, the 40th Infantry Division had established itself as a gallant and effective force having achieved in many objectives.

Proud members of the California Historical Group.


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