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Mission Statement

    This website was creating in the interest of preserving and recreating historical significance, to spread the knowledge and interests in World War Two reenacting and living history. Our membership portrays the 9th Infantry Division, 39th Regiment, Easy Company, as they existed during the Second World War. The 9th Infantry, Re-enacted and its members are associated with the Historical Unit of Southern California (HUSC).

Statement of Purpose:

    The 9th Infantry Division, Re-enacted Unit is a non-profit educational and historical society. We exist for the sole purpose of remembering and paying tribute to combat soldier of W.W.II. We do this buy reserving period artifacts, and researching their use, origins, and those that used them. Our events consist of battle reenactments and public displays, in effort to better educate the general public as well as our selves on the daily rigors of the common soldier in W.W.II.

Historical Unit of Southern California:

    The purpose and mission of the Historical Unit of Southern California (HUSC) is to promote an understanding and appreciation for the men and women of the Armed Forces during the 20th century. This is accomplished through training, battle re-enactments, historical research, education, public displays, and other related activities. The overall goal of this association is to instill within its Members a sense of respect, pride, and loyalty for the men and women who defended their countries in their times of war. HUSC also strives to promote public awareness of the lives and tribulations the men and women of the Armed Forces, and offer a gathering place for people who appreciate and respect the sacrifices given by veterans. This association abides by all Federal, State and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances as well as all rules, set forth by the Historical Unit of Southern California.

    The Historical Unit of Southern California (HUSC) is and shall remain a non-political, non-paramilitary organization. HUSC does not seek to influence the government or disseminate political propaganda of any kind. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Armed Forces history, and is not restricted on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious preference, or handicap.

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